Film plot on wall (BMW, Leipzig)Film plot on wall (museum domain)Film plot in showcase (spa exhibition, Bad Elster)Film plot in showcase (“Wrinklies” exhibition, Grassimuseum Leipzig)Film Plot on display windowFilm plot on wall (Schloss Pückler, Bad Muskau)Film plot on wall (trade fair creation)Film plot on wall (Schloss Pückler, Bad Muskau)
Film plot on wall (BMW, Leipzig)

Film Lettering

The Classics


Individually digitally printed, computer-cut films can be applied to appropriate objects as desired, in the form of separate characters and logos or entire adhesive sheets.

In special cases, the film can also be produced as a negative and used as a template for painting work.


Films indoors

  • Lettering in hotels (e.g. reception areas)

  • Decoration (e.g. in shops)

  • Wall lettering

  • Display case lettering in museums

  • Trade fair stands

  • Exhibitions


    Colour indoors and out

    • Decoration (e.g. in retail businesses)
    • Wall lettering in hotels, restaurants and museums
    • Façade lettering


    Please note: not all walls are suitable for the application of plot films. Please consult us on this point.

    • Self-adhesive film
    • Reflective film

    • Tinted film

    • Digital printing

    • Printed perforated film/window-graphic film

    • Shatterproof film

    • Burglary-resistant film

    • UV protection film

    • SK film, matt or gloss

    • UV-stable, printed digital print film in premium quality, with protective lamination

    • Film for short-term applications (a few days/removable)

    • Film for medium-term use (3-5 years)

    • Film for long-term use (up to 10 years)

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