Vutek GS 5000r
Vutek GS 5000r

Possible with UV printing on Vutek GS5000r:

almost odourless, long-lasting digital prints


  • We offer practically odourless UV prints, which no longer generate disagreeable smells when used in enclosed spaces.
  • These digitally printed products are suitable for all purposes outdoors, as they are UV-stable for up to 5 years (due to printing with 3M inks).
  • Use of 3M certified printing materials means we can even offer you a 5-year guarantee.
  • And to crown all: we bring you this digital printing in photo quality (up to1000 dpi, with 12 pl drop size and 8 colours)...
  • ... in widths up to 5.05 m (per strip, length unlimited).

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