Print sample
Print sample

Environmentally conscious priniting with latex inks  


The modern latex printing technology makes it possible: vivid and durable prints on a wide variety of coated and uncoated materials (paper, foils, banners, vinyl etc) for outdoor and indoor applications.

The use of latex inks allows a higher black optical density (a full dark black colour) and an unbelievable high gloss of all colour.

With a resolutionof 1200x1200dpi high-end printed images can be obtained. 

And if it should be something special: double-sided prints are also available. 


Environment protection in every aspect:

  • priniting on recyclable materials possible

  • odourless prints, which no longer generate disagreeable smells when used in enclosed spaces (especially suitable for nursery and school)
  • use of water-based inks: no air pollutants arise during printing

  • ENERGY STAR® certified

By reason of the excellent characteristics latex printing is a part of dicolor green solutions.

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