Aluminium substructure for Profil 5 lettersDevelopment, production and assembly of “Grass” for FAIRNET, Euroshop 2011Fabric ceiling sails with sprinkler, aluminium structure, production and assemblyStand-up displays from grid supports, 6.5 m high4-flag pole, 8 m highFabric ceiling sails, design, production and installationSubstructure for frameless frame, 3.5 x 6 mFabric ceiling sails, 8 x 14 m, design, production and installationAdvertising trailers with aluminium frame and panels4-flag pole, 8 m high
Aluminium substructure for Profil 5 letters

Aluminium construction

Aluminium to Measure


Do you need a non-conventional advertisement support or a flagpole that is not available as a standard model? We offer individual solutions tailored to meet your requirements to the millimetre.

We regularly construct aluminium support systems, welded or in segments. This way, larger structures can be more easily transported and assembled into voluminous supports on site.

Curved structures such as rings, ovals and arches are also possible. If desired, these can be combined with standard assemblies, such as Keder systems for attaching banners.

And we offer optional surface finishes such as anodising, painting or powder-coating. We can even provide colour gradients.

If necessary, we will carry out stress calculations for the structure.

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