Billboards (large-area advertising displays) are a form of advertising little used in Germany. They generally consist of large, free-standing metal frames with large advertising banners stretched over them. We distinguish between floodlit, backlit and unlit billboards. Derived from them are the facade displays commonly employed in our own country, equipped with tenter frames or banner lifts and stretched-fabric light boxes.

Our billboard banners are UV-printed, UV stable and weather-resistant. Our billboards give brilliant results with backlighting too, especially in day/night vision with varying motifs.



  • All formats possible

    • For dimensions over 5 m roll width, printed strips are assembled by HF welding


  • Mesh Banners

  • PVC Banners (flat surface)

  • PVC Backlit Banners


  • Edge reinforcement

  • Eyelets

  • Rubber tensioners

  • Large billboards in heavily frequented streets and squares
  • Large advertisements above or on buildings

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