Magnetic sign with film lettering
Magnetic sign with film lettering

Magnetic signs

Advertising with Attractive Power


Magnetic signs bearing plot film or with digitally printed lettering are used for advertising on vehicles.

But they can also be used for door signs, shelf labelling or direction and warning signs on any magnetic surface.

Pleas note that not all vehicle bodies are magnetic, as they may be made of plastic or aluminium.

Magnetic signs can be affixed to all flat surfaces made of ferrous metal, for example:

  • Cars

  • Steel doors

  • Domestic equipment

  • Shelving and much more.

  • The maximum roll width for magnetic signs is 1 metre
  • Length is unlimited (25 m)
  • Magnetic film (white ground)
  • With plot film

  • Digitally printed

  • Digitally direct-printed

  • With chalk film

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