Printing behind acrylic, 1.25 x 4.00 mPrinting behind acrylic
Printing behind acrylic, 1.25 x 4.00 m

Behind Acrylic

Impressive Prints in the Most Brilliant Colours


We offer two options:

Fine art prints laminated behind acrylic; on request, we mount the whole product on a supplementary foundation panel of aluminium, composite, plastic or wood.

Alternatively, we can apply the images in UV direct print, either with partially transparent colours, or using the white option (white backing or as an intermediate layer), giving more intense colour brilliance and coverage.

Of course, all our prints behind acrylic are supplied with suitable hanging hardware.



  • Pictures behind acrylic can be supplied in sizes up to 2 m x 5 m

  • and any individual small format



    • Acrylic (in a range of thicknesses, e.g. 2/3/4/5/6/8/10/19 mm)

        Edges ground to matt finish or optionally polished.

    • Foundation board (composite, aluminium, plastic, wood or frame) optional

    • Hanging hardware optional

    • Decoration
    • Exhibitions

    • Museums

    • Trade fairs

    • Offices

    • Public spaces

    • The private sphere

    • and many other possibilities.

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