Direct print on stretcher frame in stretched statePrinted canvas on Frameless aluminiumPrinted canvas on stretcher framePrinted canvas on stretcher frame
Direct print on stretcher frame in stretched state

Canvas / Stretcher Frames

Eye-catchers with the Image of Your Choice


The image of your choice is printed on high-quality canvas and stretched over a frame before delivery.

The quality is in no way inferior to an oil painting or a photographic enlargement. Our canvas prints are produced with a resolution of 2400 dpi (8c) and have a very long life (UV stability) indoors.




  • Any desired format

  • even oversize formats (e.g. 3 m x 5 m) can be supplied



  • range of canvas qualities

  • range of surface textures

  • B1-certified material on request



    • Wooden stretcher frames (22 mm and 44 mm thick, with middle bars)

    • Produced to specification (in other thicknesses)

    • Oversize formats (as aluminium frames/produced to specification)

    • Decoration
    • Trade fairs

    • In-house advertising

    • The private sphere

    • Museums

    • Hospitals

    • Public spaces

    • Offices

    • Restaurants/Eating Houses

    • and many other possibilities.

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