Fine art on 2 mm PVCFine-art on 200 g textured cardCanvasFine art on Dibond, laminatedFine art on 5 mm plastic, laminated
Fine art on 2 mm PVC

Fine Art

High-Resolution Art


The concept of “fine art” covers a multitude of products. These include pictures or photos, which may be printed on canvas, wallpaper or photographic paper. They may also be fixed with adhesive behind acrylic or glass, or glued to a rigid base (e.g. aluminium composite).

Fine art prints are printed with the maximum possible resolution (2400 dpi, 8c), achieving a printed result in no way inferior to a classical photographic enlargement, but with much higher UV stability (up to 100 years indoors).


  • Photographic paper
  • Transparency film for backlighting

  • Self-adhesive films

  • Canvas (photocanvas)

  • Glass

  • Acrylic

  • Wood

  • Aluminium

  • and many other possibilities

  • Photo prints in one piece up to 2 m wide (roll width), theoretically unlimited length
  • Pictures behind acrylic up to max. 2 m x 5 m

  • And any individual small format

  • Precise custom cutting



  • Protective laminate (e.g. matt, semi-matt, gloss, textured)

  • Laminated (e.g. Onto Forex, Kappa, composite, acrylic)

  • Decoration
  • Exhibitions

  • Museums

  • The private sphere

  • Trade fairs

  • and many other possibilities

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