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Advertising Banners

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On scaffolding, construction fencing, platforms or façades – advertising banners are the classic company advertising medium. But functions and events, city festivals or sports meetings all benefit from cost-effective advertising banners.

A standard advertising banner has eyelets or reinforced edges and eyelets. It is easy to transport and simple to hang using the eyelets.

We supply high-quality advertising banners with long-term UV-resistance.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Giant posters

  • Advertising banners

  • Trade-fair banners

  • Event banners

  • Function banners

  • Sales banners

  • Small banners

  • Horizontal banners

  • Stage backcloths

  • Advertising spaces

  • Façade masking

  • In compliance with your wishes
  • From small to super-XXL banners several hundred square metres in area
  • Mesh banners (translucent, permeable to wind)
  • PVC banners, light, 300 g/sqm
  • PVC mesh banners, normal, 350 g/sqm
  • PVC mesh banners, heavy, 400 g/sqm

  • PVC banner/advertising display (flat, smooth surface)
  • PVC banner, light, 450 g/sqm
  • PVC banner, normal, 550 g/sqm
  • PVC banner, heavy, tarpaulin/HGV sheet 670 g/sqm



  • Long-term weather-resistance by UV direct printing
  • Up to1000 dpi with 8 colours
  • Up to 5 years’ UV-resistance with 3M printing inks



  • B1 (suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising and trade-fair banners)

  • Without fire safety certificate (for outdoor use)


  • Custom cutting

  • Edge reinforcement

  • Seams

  • Eyelets (plastic or metal)

  • Carabiners

  • Rubber tensioners


    Please note:

    Maximum print width 5 metres. All banners over that width are assembled from several pieces and HF-welded.

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