Blockout banners, printed both sides
Blockout banners, printed both sides


The Black Core is the Secret


A black blocking layer between the front and back surfaces prevents light from shining through. This makes these banners very suitable for printing both sides, with no shadow showing through to impair the visual effect.

They can also be used for blackouts or as printed hanging or roller blinds over windows to decorate rooms.

Blockout is particularly suitable for double-sided printing.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Horizontal banners

  • Horizontal street banners

  • Cantilever signs

  • Flag banners

  • Advertising banners

  • Trade-fair banners

  • Event banners

  • Function banners

  • Stage backcloths

  • In compliance with your wishes
  • From small to super-XXL several hundred square metres in area
  • PVC blockout banner (flat, smooth surface)

  • PVC blockout banner, normal, 480 g/sqm

  • PVC blockout banner, heavy, 720 g/sqm


  • Long-term weather-resistance by UV direct printing
  • Up to1000 dpi with 8 colours
  • Up to 5 years’ UV-resistance with 3M printing inks


  • B1 (suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising and trade-fair banners)
  • without fire safety certificate (for outdoor use)


  • Custom cutting

  • Edge reinforcement

  • Seams

  • Hollow seam for booms

  • Eyelets (plastic or metal)

  • Carabiners

  • Rubber tensioners


    Please note: maximum print width 5 metres. All banners over that width are assembled from several pieces and HF-welded.

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