Façade masking 15 m x 30 mScaffolding banner 12 m x 8 mBanner at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, LeipzigBanner at the “Völki” in Leipzig, 16 m x 6 mArtisan advertising
Façade masking 15 m x 30 m

Scaffolding Banners

For Sensational Building Wraps


To mask constructional scaffolding and for façade wrapping, as well as to use scaffolding as advertising space, mesh (lattice) is particularly suitable.

For such purposes, coarse-mesh PVC banners, due to their base structure, are especially suitable for large-format outdoor advertising displays, as they are permeable to air, with consequent reduced static load and wind resistance. Alternatively, it is possible to use smooth-surface PVC, which guarantees especially brilliant colour reproduction.

Scaffolding banners are usually mounted with rubber tensioners or have hollow seams that are pushed over scaffolding poles.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Giant posters

  • Façade wraps

  • Advertising banners

  • Event banners

  • Sales banners

  • Translucent privacy shielding

  • Partitions

  • In compliance with your wishes

  • From small banners to giant scaffolding banners of several hundred metres surface area

  • Mesh banners (translucent, permeable to wind)

  • PVC mesh banners, light, 300 g/sqm
  • PVC mesh banners, normal, 350 g/sqm

  • PVC mesh banners, heavy, 400 g/sqm

  • PVC banner/advertising (flat, smooth surface)
  • PVC banner, light, 450 g/sqm
  • PVC banner, normal, 550 g/sqm
  • PV- banner, heavy, tarpaulin/HGV sheet 670 g/sqm



  • Long-term weather-resistance by UV direct printing
  • Up to1000 dpi with 8 colours
  • Up to 5 years’ UV stability with 3M printing inks



  • B1 (suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising and trade-fair banners)
  • without fire safety certificate (for outdoor use)


  • Edge reinforcement (for optimum resistance to stormy weather)
  • Hollow seam
  • Eyelets (plastic or metal)
  • Rubber tensioners


Please note:

Maximum print width 5 metres. All banners over that width are assembled from several pieces and HF-welded.

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