Braille printed on self-adhesive film (ticket machine)Braille printed on 3 mm Dibond (advertising hoarding)Braille printed on 3 mm Dibond (advertising hoarding), detail
Braille printed on self-adhesive film (ticket machine)


Tactile Motifs and Inscriptions


We also print Braille in combination with digitally printed images. In this way, we can produce, to name but a few, dual-purpose object descriptions, information boards, direction signs, enclosure signs (for zoos, for example), exhibition panels and exhibit labels for sighted and blind people in one.

A speciality is the supply of tactile relief representations of pictures, objects, direction signs, ground plans and much more. To take an example, fishes can be produced as both an image and a tactile representation.

These signs are UV printed in high resolution on aluminium or composite, for example, and can then also be used out of doors.

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  • Printing on rigid materials: Dibond, aluminium composite, aluminium, plastic, acrylic, glass, wood and many other possibilities.

  • Printing on flexible materials: self-adhesive films, banners, and other media.



    • Braille alone

    • Braille combined with picture images.

    • Laminated

    • Varnished

    • Coated

    • Object descriptions
    • Information boards

    • Direction Signs

    • Technical legends

    • Consoles/User’s instructions (e.g. vending machines, ticket machines)

    • Traffic direction systems

    • Pedestrian signs (e.g. in zoos)

    • Exhibition labelling

    • Exhibit labels

    • Plant identification labels (e.g. in botanical gardens)

    • Tactile images

    • Art

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