Colour print + white behind glassColour print + white + colour print behind acrylicColour print + white behind acrylicColour print + white on glassSticker, colour print + whiteFloor tilesColour print + white on glassColoured self-adhesive film, colour + white printed
Colour print + white behind glass

White Printing

For Specially High-Quality Results


Digital white printing is an option with UV direct printing/plate printing.

The use of UV-hardening inks makes it possible to build up a print layer by layer. The printed design can also be backed with white or be built up in three layers (colour-white-colour). On the one hand, this option can achieve more intense colour brilliance and coverage (when printing on glass or acrylic, among other materials, colours will otherwise appear transparent). In addition, previously uncoloured zones will now no longer be transparent, but white, generating a more homogeneous coloured surface.


  • Exhibition construction
  • Museum graphics

  • Trade fair graphics

  • Displays

  • Architecture

  • Stickers

  • Lettering on vehicles

  • Plot printing

  • and many other possibilities

suitable for many inflexible materials:

  • Glass

  • Acrylic

  • aluminium

  • Aluminium composites

  • Dibond (coloured or metallic, brushed surface)

  • Forex

  • K├Âmapor

  • K├Âmatex


    suitable for flexible materials:

    • Transparent films

    • Transparent display films

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