Film plot with non-slip laminateFloor graphic advertising sticker as POS advertisingFilm plot with non-slip laminateFloor graphic on transparent film
Film plot with non-slip laminate

Floor Graphics

Advertising at Your Feet


Attract attention with graphics on the floor. Floor graphics are good for advertising operations, product advertising, showing directions, parking space numbering or museum layouts.

We supply our floor graphics digitally printed and with a high-quality protective laminate. This protective laminate is both scratch-resistant and non-slip.

Floor graphics can generally be removed without leaving traces and are designed for a useful life of up to 6 months. If you plan a longer period, please consult us beforehand.

For outdoor use, we supply a special asphalt film with outstanding adhesive strength when used on pavements and street surfaces.


  • Advertising operations
  • Product advertising

  • Traffic direction systems

  • Numbering parking spaces

  • Museum layout

  • Outdoor advertising

  • Event advertising

  • and many other uses

  • In compliance with your wishes
  • In all sizes and shapes

  • Short-life floor graphic for up to 3 months’ use
  • Medium-life floor graphic for up to 6 months’ use


For use in the museum sector or in heavily frequented shopping centres, we recommend the use of 6-month film.



  • Asphalt type for use up to 12 months outdoors

  • Protective laminate



  • CNC contour cutting (individual stickers or sheets)


Round, square or wavy, with contour cutting you get your floor graphics ready pre-cut in whatever shape you want.

Please note: a suitably designed cutting path is required.

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