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Window graphics

See-Through Advertising


With the holes in perforated self-adhesive film, you can apply advertising to the outside of windows and panes without blocking your view from inside to outside.

With a general use permit, certified window film can also be used in transport advertising (tube, bus, train) and for lettering on vehicles.

The printing on our film is UV-stable and has protective lamination for transport advertising.

In retailing, window film (window graphics) is suitable both as privacy shielding and for advertising operations.

In the architectural field, entire glass fa├žades can be decorated over large areas with advertising and designs, without appearing intrusive.


  • Display windows
  • Public transport advertising (bus, tube, train)

  • Advertising actions

  • Fa├žade design

  • Shop design

  • Decoration

  • from small stickers to large-area displays


Please note: window film comes in rolls of maximum width 1.60 metres, so that larger designs have to be made up from several pieces.

  • Short-life window film with white back for advertising operations
  • Medium-life window film with black back for shop design

  • Long-life window film with black back for vehicle advertising (with general use permit)


  • Protective laminate

  • with general use permit

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