CLP, UV print on special backlight paper
CLP, UV print on special backlight paper

Citylights / CLP

Let There be Light


Citylight posters are backlit posters generally used in light boxes in the cityscape to draw attention to products or functions. Special effects (e.g. day/night effect) can be obtained by the use of appropriate printing techniques.

We print CLPs in UV direct printing with high colour brilliance (especially when backlit), as well as double-sided (4/4 colour) on request.


  • Outdoor advertising
  • Street furniture

  • Citylight

  • Megalight

  • Display cases

  • Poster boxes

  • Showcases

  • CLP/Citylights: 1185 mm x 1750 mm
  • Tele-Lights: 810 mm x 1200 mm
  • CLB/Citylight Board/Mega-Lights: 3560 mm x 2520 mm
  • Special translucent paper for optimum backlighting
  • CLB/Citylight Board/Mega-Lights also available in one piece (roll width: 2.60 m)

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