Hanging banners, sublimation-printBanner flags, sublimation-printBanner flags, sublimation-printHanging banners, sublimation-printBanner flags, sublimation-printFlags for hoisting, sublimation-printHanging banners, sublimation-print
Hanging banners, sublimation-print


On-Site Advertising in Brilliant Colour


Flags are ideal to draw attention to yourself on your site or to highlight your presence. They are produced by sublimation printing on flag fabric (polyester textile), a process that achieves unbelievable colour brilliance.


Flags for Hoisting/Flapping Flags

The classic type of flag. This high-flying flag is attached to the flagpole with carabiners or eyelets and waves in the wind. In still weather, this flag hangs down and is not legible.

Hanging Banners:

These flags have a hollow seam at the top edge. The flagpole is fitted with a crossbar over which the hollow seam of the flag is pulled. This means these flags are always easy to read, even in calm or still weather.

Beach Banners:

Beach banners, fitted with feet or pickets to drive into the ground are very versatile and can be set up anywhere, any time. When packed, beach banners and their accessories take up very little space. Use them for functions; shop advertising, in pedestrian zones or as congress welcome banners.



  • Polyester flag fabric (in a range of qualities and weights)
  • Open weave

  • Flag fabric

  • Ship’s flag

  • Satin



    • Intense colour rendering through textile sublimation printing
    • Waterproof
    • UV stable
    • Washable


    Make sure in particular that the flag can wave freely, with no surrounding hindrances (fences, railings, trees, other flagpoles, etc.) that could cause physical damage.

    Flags should be taken down at wind force 6–7.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    • On-Site Advertising

    • Company advertising

    • Product advertising

    • Decoration

    • Shop design

    • Special offers

    • Events

    • Functions

    • Country flags

    • Transparent flags

    • Horizontal transparent banners

    • Ship’s flags

    • All Formats available on request


    Standard formats for flags for hoisting, flapping flags and hanging banners (tall format), e.g.:

    • 100x200 cm /100x300 cm /100x400 cm

    • 125x200 cm /125x300 cm /125x400 cm /125x500 cm

    • 150x300 cm /150x400 cm /150x500 cm


      Standard formats for hanging flags (in horizontal format), e.g.:

      • 150x80 cm /150x100 cm /180x120 cm


      Beach Banners:

      • We currently have about 10 formats and models in stock. Please enquire.


      • Double safety seam

      • Edging band with plastic carabiners

      • Hollow seam (needed for crossbar flagpoles)

      • With poles sewn in, can also be used as transparent flags or horizontal banners.


        Optional accessories for beach banners:

        • Support foot

        • Weights

        • Picket

        • Bag

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