Curved pop-up system with permanent print PVC panelsStraight pop-up system with permanent print PVC panelsStraight pop-up system with fabric surfaceOptional spotlight for roll-up systems
Curved pop-up system with permanent print PVC panels

Pop-Up Systems

The Versatile Eye-Catcher

Folding displays, display walls and sliding lattice systems enable fast, uncomplicated installation of your advertising. An aluminium sliding-lattice frame makes these systems quick and easy to erect. Marked with your individual graphics, they will carry any advertising message. Dismantle the system after use and deploy it again at will.

Promotional Wall Displays

For Uncomplicated Installation


Digitally printed panels are hung on a sliding-lattice frame wall by means of magnets. A quick, simple way of setting up advertising wall displays, small or large. This is a feature that makes them especially suitable for travelling displays.

  • Shop arrangement
  • Promotional events

  • Trade-fair installations

  • Events

  • Congresses

  • POS advertising

  • Straight or curved
  • Stretched fabric graphics or panels

  • Sheets with magnetic rail technology

  • Fabric
  • Plastic film

  • Silverback film (non-translucent)

  • All material carries B1 certification



    • Panels and sheets are laminated for protection

    • Protective laminate available in different surface textures

    Optional fittings:

    • Lamps
    • Transport bag/box for lamps
    • Transport bag

    • Transport box

    • Transport case

    • Storage shelf

    • Leaflet holders

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