Inlays / Carpet Inlays

Successful Walk-on Parts


Lettering or logos, we can incorporate the design of your choice in the carpet. High-precision cutting techniques mean perfect-fitting inlays can be made and inserted.

We can combine carpeting of different colours or even employ diverse materials as inlays, e.g. wood in carpeting or aluminium/acrylic in laminate.


Combinable carpet materials (coloured or digitally printed):

  • Velour

  • Rep

  • Loop pile

  • Felt

  • and many other possibilities


    Other combinable materials:

    • PVC flooring

    • Linoleum

    • Rubber

    • Laminate

    • Aluminium

    • Plastic

    • Acrylic

    • Wood

    • and many other possibilities

    • Museums
    • Shop design/layout

    • Trade fairs

    • Events

    • Functions

    • Stage construction

    • Architectural design

    • Decoration

    • The private sphere

    As very different materials can be combined for inlays, minimum size depends on the material and the desired graphic (log, text). As a general rule, there is no upper limit.

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