Partially transparent textile print with Keder and cable suspension, incl. install.Partially transparent sublimation-printKabuki, sublimation-print, 12 m wide, incl. installation25 x 25 x 3 m textile, in Keder system, incl. installationSublimation-print on polyester fabric, 20 x 3.2 m
Partially transparent textile print with Keder and cable suspension, incl. install.

Textile Printing / Sublimation

Textiles to Thrill


The special approach to styling walls and ceilings: textile coverings can disguise walls, serve as light boxes and limit the height of your stand by creating ceilings.

Our textiles do not suffer from stress whitening, are UV-stable, waterproof, in some cases washable, with immense colour brilliance and resistant to wrinkling. Resolution is 800 dpi with 6 colours. You will be thrilled by the intense colour of our prints under backlighting!

We have the experience to choose the right material for your particular purpose in each case.

And of course, we offer you installation by specialists worldwide.


Textile materials:

  • Digital sublimation printing (textile transfer)

  • Visually opaque

  • Optically opaque (blockout)

  • Translucent (backlit)

  • Partly transparent

    • As sprinkler grids


    Fire-safety certificates (B1, M1, M2) are available according to the material used.

    • Trade fairs
    • Ceiling banners

    • Round banners

    • Maxi-banners

    • Keder banners

    • Rear walls

    • Ceiling banners

    • Canopy ceilings


    • according to your instructions



    • Wall coverings with sub-structure

    • Horizontal banners in frameless systems

    • Horizontal banners in front of light boxes

    • Sprinkler ceiling banners

    • Canopy ceilings


      All textile coverings are variable in shape and can be installed arched, bent, curved and of course also simply flat.

      Making up:

      • Frameless Keder (silicon lip)

      • Keder hollow seams

      • Stapled

      • Hemmed

      • Sewn

      • Glued

      • With eyelets

      • Hollow seam

      • Edge reinforcement

      • Loops

      • Velcro ®/ fleece

      • and many other possibilities.

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