Digital Printing, UV Printing, Sublimation, Milling, Laser Processing and Professional Installation – we do them all, and more!

Our All-In Service


Using the latest printing and processing technologies, we can guarantee that your order will be produced to the most exacting standards of quality.

Digital Printing

Our printing machines are capable of producing:

  • photo-realistic UV prints with the phenomenal resolution of 1,000 dpi (8c) in a width of 5 metres, UV-stable for 5 years, printed on the Vutek GS 5000r
  • Fine Art Prints up to 1.60 m wide at 2,440 dpi (8c), UV-stable
  • Fabric printing (sublimation) in intense colour brilliance
  • Direct printing on fabrics up to 3.20 m wide, UV-stable
  • Transfer printing on fabrics up to 3.20 m wide, UV-stable
  • Double sided printing in exact register
  • Stereotype printing in formats up to 2.50 m x 5.00 m on materials up to 100 mm thick
  • Digital white printing


In the domain of fashioning, our comprehensive equipment means we can also offer multiple technically adept solutions:

  • HF welding (high frequency)
  • HF eyelets (high frequency)
  • CNC processing
  • Cutting (dimensions up to 3.30 m x 3.50 m)
  • Milling (dimensions up to 3.30 m x 3.50 m)
  • Laser processing (dimensions up to 3.00 m x 1.50 m)
  • Hot cutting
  • Sewing
  • eyelets
  • Lamination
  • Painting

Metal Construction/Advertising Technology

Our metal construction leaves no wish unfulfilled:

Aluminium Construction

  • WIG welding
  • Bending
  • Milling
  • Painting
  • Anodising
  • Powder coating

Steel Construction

  • MIG welding

  • TIG welding
  • Bending
  • Milling
  • Painting
  • Galvanising
  • Powder coating