Façade Banners

Large-Area Displays Without Scaffolding


Façade banners are large-area advertising spaces on buildings, and are usually fixed to a tenter frame or purpose-built supporting structure.

We can undertake the whole production and erection operation of both banners and tenters or support frames.

Our banners last for many years, are UV-stable, weatherproof, brilliant in colour and high-resolution.

As material, we use PVC banners, either mesh or flat.



  • Banner mounted on support frame: as a general rule, up to 200sqm each
  • Cable-hung banner (e.g. on gables); also larger


Banner material:

  • Mesh (various weights and mesh sizes, e.g. fine, medium coarse)
  • Flat PVC (weight range 450 g/ 550 g/ 670 g/ 900 g)



  • Steel or stainless steel cable

  • Rust-proof fittings and fixings (also V2A)


Frame structures:

  • Hot-galvanised steel

  • Aluminium

  • Rust-proof fittings and fixings (also V2A)

  • Company advertising
  • Property advertising
  • Sales banners
  • And many other possibilities