Frameless Systems

Frameless Advertising Spaces for Optimum Effect


With frameless systems, printed fabrics in large and small sizes can be hung in frame profiles, though the frame as such cannot be seen. Furthermore, the print is easy to replace at will.

Frameless systems are ideal for wall and ceiling coverings, are excellent for backlighting, can be used as light boxes and offer an unbelievable range of possible shapes and sizes.

Using frameless systems in shop design and the architectural sphere, it is possible to create entirely new space situations.


  • Wall coverings
  • Light boxes

  • Steles (also backlit)

  • Ceiling suspension

  • Ceiling banners

  • Objects (also backlit and or suspended)

  • Wall images

  • Room dividers

  • Trade fair structures

  • Trade fair structural elements

  • Shop design/layout/POS advertising

  • Events

  • Museums

  • Exhibitions

  • The private sphere

  • Possible formats vary widely, from a few centimetres to wall-size Installations
  • Anodised aluminium
  • Painted aluminium
  • powder-coated aluminium


Coverings, usually textile:

  • Digital direct printing

  • Digital sublimation printing (textile sublimation)


  • Made up with silicon Keder (Keder lip)

  • Other modes of making up on request