Textile Printing / UV Direct Printing

Printed 5m Wide in One Seamless Piece


As many textiles are now available in a width of 5 m, we can print on these by UV direct printing and avoid a disruptive seam.

These materials are outstandingly suitable for backlit and light-box use for trade fair structures and in architectural design.

Our UV printing achieves a brilliant result with 1000 dpi and 8 colours, and at the same time is very flexible and easy to work.



  • up to 5.05 m wide in one piece, unlimited length

  • larger formats assembled from strips



    • Range of polyester fabrics
    • Solvotex TCS Voile plus (65 g/m2)

    • Solvotex Artist artist premium light S

    • Solvotex Artist premium heavy S

    • Solvotex Artist 250/260/310/320

    • Solvotex cotton premium light S

    • Solvotex cotton premium heavy S

    • Solvotex multi-banner (Dynajet)

    • Solvotex Spinnaker 60 fr

    • Solvotex PES crystal plus 1

    • Solvotex Theatre 310 plus

    • Solvotex TCS flag plus

    • and many other possibilities

    • Sewn
    • Welded

    • Ultrasound welded

    • Hot-cut edges

    • Edge reinforcement

    • Hollow seam

    • With eyelets

    • and many other possibilities

    • Trade fair structures (e.g. backlit walls)
    • Ceiling braces

    • Steles

    • Frameless systems

    • Rear walls

    • Light boxes

    • Sails

    • Displays

    • and many other possibilities